This is the pic I used to make him =D Posted by Hello

This is a custom one (he's my dude from CoH) his name is Animal. Stupid jpeg format make him look stupid! Tell me what you think. Posted by Hello

Best frikken movie EVER! 'nuff said Posted by Hello


Ok so it's been the last week o'school and I've been busy so I haven't had time to post. But anyway I'm making it all up with an early post. So what do I owe you like two comics and two movies.

Ok ready first off comics I read something over that I really like "Just Imagine" this is a really cool concept. Take Stan Lee and let him make the DC characters. Overall the series is an average 7/10 but there are a few gems (Batman 9/10 The Flash 8.5/10 and Robin 8/10) just keep in mind I don't have all of them.
Comics two "Icon:Nightcrawler" this is a four issue mini done in 2001 I think it's good but not great (and that's saying something cause I love Elf) overall the story just ain't interesting 6.5/10

Ok movies this is the first of those "Tron: 30th Anniversary special DVD" this movie is kinda boring it has a great story but it's not interesting enough to keep your interest but I would buy it for the specials DVD 8/10 Movie 7/10
Movie two something that's near and dear to my heart "I'Robot" this is a killer flick it definatley revived Will Smith form MIB2. This movie is funny with snappy lines like "Gas explodes!" and "Hold the pie or wear it sir!" this is a must have and the DVD ain't to shabby DVD 7.5/10 Movie 10/10 (my first)

Ok try 2 much better but it looks faded because of the .jpg Posted by Hello

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