Ok that's just damn cool. It's Sin in his Angelic form (book 2) Posted by Picasa

A big revisionation I chnaged a lot (Named left to right up yo down : Templar (new pants), Electron, Chrusher, Firebomb, Gospel (new skirt and hands coming out of her sleeves), Harlette (fixed fishnets), Sin, Phazer (better hair but still pretty bad), Splash, and Serpenta) Posted by Picasa

Hey it's Payen AKA Templar =) Posted by Picasa

It's Light Bringer. I really like him the only thing I don't like is the sun thing on the very top otherwise he's looking good.
 Posted by Picasa

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Why does no one post commemnts? Do you mnot know how, you just click on the little comments thing and say your anonymous. GAH!

Top 5 indie books

I only got into Indie books last year (2004) but since then I have gathered so many and so many good ones that I thought I'd give you guys my top 5

5) Squee


3) Buzzboy



Those are my top 5 go check some of them out.

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