This is the one to pick up (don't let the sappy cover fool you) Posted by Hello


So anyway I can't wait for Batman: Begins I'm a huge bat-freak and all (I'll probaly see it on I max) and I was looking at some Batman elseworlds in the mean time so overall Batman elseworlds are the best =D here are th ones I read:
Batman: Scar of the Bat, it's ok, it's got a mofia theme and junk but the story might not be able to keep your attention. 7.5/10
Batman: Masque, very well done my favorite though it involves a knowing of how to read it you'll know what I mean if you pick it up. 9/10
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, It's ok the story is very deep but it's mostly about Bruce. I enjoyed it. 8/10
Batman: Mitefall, First off WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY ON WHEN THEY MADE THIS!? This book can only be caused by a large amount of drugs at once (Just like in the story in it) words cannot describe it but I would recommend picking it up so you can stop questioning your sanity. ?/10

PS all of these are one-shots.

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