Jeez it's been awhile.

This is a site I found way back when I had my virul computer http://jerome.galica.free.fr/ it's a bunch of little "micro heroes"that are really for hardcore comic lovers but it's both disturbing and very cool. They have almost every (maybe even every) chracter from DC and Marvel and some others some even have multiple costumes. Unfourunatly I can't show you any of them because they're in .gif format and my "Hello" program (the one I use to show pictures) is strictly .jpg and if I change the format the pic is corrupt. =(

Here Mooters!

Ok so a friend of mine needs help with his blog so I'm putting up the sites for the downloads.
http://www.hello.com/how_bloggerbot_works.php?sourceid=blo&subid=us-hpp1=howbbworks =picture access
http://freelogs.com = free hit counter

I'm pretty sure that's all the downloads if you have new ones post a comment on this post.

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