Dvds I wanna see

Ok Batman Beyond one of my favorite cartoons is coming to DVD (:D) but I want more old cartoons that have yet to be DVDized so here's a list for those people making the box sets:

Big Guy and Rusty (1999) Awsome show that was made by Frank Millar! Simply genius.

Godzilla the Series (1998) Yeah the movie blew but this was an awsome show! A few DVDs and VHS came out but I want a box set!

Xyber 9 New Dawn (1999) Great sci-fi toon with a rich story.

Spider-man Unlimited (1999) Ok I wasn't a big fan of the original series but this one however was awsome, my "sources" tell me that only 5 episodes were ever shown but there was 13 made sounds like a box set in waiting.

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (1998) I remember loving this show but I never got home early enough to watch it and I know there's alot of fans out there.

Birds of Prey (2002) This lasted 1 season! How can they NOT put it out?

And maybe if you have some extra time:

Avengers(1999), The Magician(1999), Knights of Tir Na Nog(1998)

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