Wonder Woman #1 Rocked!! {SPOILERS}

OK so most of you know that recently Wonder Woman was getting a fresh new series because of OYL and her little incident with Maxwell (he had it coming). Anyway I never really have been into Wonder Woman, she never seemed interesting to me. I wanted to pick up this first issue because I thought it might be of value someday so I picked it up and read it. Holy crap was I shocked I loved it so much I'm considering pulling the book but there's a few things that people may not like about it: 1) Wonder Woman isn't Diana
2) The new Wonder Woman isn't very confident in her ability to fill the shoes
3) Diana's a secret agent again
4) The new Wonder Woman suit it completely awesome but not the same

Anyway if you've never really liked Wonder Woman and you like those "I'll never be able to..." stories you'll dig this book. If you like the old Wonder Woman I have no idea what to tell you, just pick it up.


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