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Where have $0.50 boxes gone?

I'm cheap, there's no doubt about it, so when I go to a Comi-Con I look for $0.50 boxes; however, it seems lately that they are a dying species in wake of the more expensive $1 boxes. I don't get it, its not like there's a shortage of crappy comic for me to waste my quarters on so why have the $0.50 boxes become extinct. I think its time to start a revolt!


Buy Kirkman's stuff

In case some of you don't know there's this amazing writer named Robert Kirkman, and he writes some of the best comics I've ever read. Some of his titles include Invincible, The Walking Dead, Brit, The Irredeemable Ant-Man, and his new titles The Astounding Wolf-Man which I love. So far the titles pacing is amazing considering he's only 2 issues in and I feel like I know the main character. Unfourtunately a lot of his stuff goes unnoticed and canceled such as his Tech Jacket book. Right now Irredeemable Ant-Man is on the chopping block by Marvel, in a last fit of desperation they released a digest trade. People you have to buy this $10 for a funny book about a selfish hero, how can you not resist. If you like it add it to you pull and then go check out his other work. I'd recommend Wolf-Man since it just started. Issue 1 was given away during Free Comic Book Day and issue 2 came out the first week of July along with a Director's Cut of issue 1. If anyone's reading this: please for the love of god give this guy a chance and you'll see his genius.


Why does the UK get better DVDs?

I can't believe that the UK gets all kinda of DVDs that the US could only dream of. I mean just look at this list:
Namor Vol. 1
Namor Vol. 2
Thor Vol. 1
Thor Vol. 2
Iron Man Vol. 1
Iron Man Vol. 2
Avengers Vol. 1
Avengers Vol.2
Captain America Vol. 1
Captain America Vol. 2

And the list goes on. The worst part is even if your were to buy these DVDs they can't be played on an American DVD player and if you buy a UK DVD player it probaly doesn't work in a US TV. It's just an endless line of roadblocks. I wish the Marvel company would put these out on our coast.


Pick Up Moon Knight!!!!

OK so some of you may know that recently Marvel started a new ongoing Moon Knight series, now I'm a big fan of Moon KNight in general so I went into this series a bit iffy because I didn't wanna see them completely forget what already happen to him and just use him as a Civil War tool. The first isue was amazing they kept everything to a key and Finch's art pulled it all together seemlessly (unless you countthe seems on MK's suit), the second issue is even better you start to see how far Marc has fallen and how much it will take for him to rise back up, but issue three is the true goldit shows this character starting to climb the ladder back to the top and the final pages where you finally see the heroic spirti that is Moon KNight is what really makes you wanna keep going. I say pick this series up so we don't see another great series like The Thing or Alpha Flught circle the drain.


Wonder Woman #1 Rocked!! {SPOILERS}

OK so most of you know that recently Wonder Woman was getting a fresh new series because of OYL and her little incident with Maxwell (he had it coming). Anyway I never really have been into Wonder Woman, she never seemed interesting to me. I wanted to pick up this first issue because I thought it might be of value someday so I picked it up and read it. Holy crap was I shocked I loved it so much I'm considering pulling the book but there's a few things that people may not like about it: 1) Wonder Woman isn't Diana
2) The new Wonder Woman isn't very confident in her ability to fill the shoes
3) Diana's a secret agent again
4) The new Wonder Woman suit it completely awesome but not the same

Anyway if you've never really liked Wonder Woman and you like those "I'll never be able to..." stories you'll dig this book. If you like the old Wonder Woman I have no idea what to tell you, just pick it up.


Action Comics #1 Have you ever really looked at it?

OK chances are if you're a comic reader/collector you've seen this cover before and you know how important it was in starting the DCU, but have you ever really looked at it? At face value everyone thinks Superman is saving a man from a car but when you look closer you see there's no one in the car and how come Superman looks so mad. If Supes is such a great guy why is veryone running. If you take the time to look at it actually looks like Superman is a menace hwo's threatening this poor man but hey it was the 30s who knows.


Kigdom Hearts 2 Secret Ending

ok so for thoe of you who have already beat Kingdom Hearts 2 (me!) you already saw this video but for people that just aren't good enough for Proud mode here is the secret ending from KH2


DC's 52 plan is going to come crashing down on them.

As many of you who read comics know recently DC ended its huge crossover known as Infinite Crisis and all the DC titles took a year jump (OYL). To tell you what happened over this year DC launched a weekly maxiseries called 52 that tells you what happens during a specific week in cronologic order this may sound fine and dandy but when you look at DC's track record for getting monthly issues out on time then you take a second to think about them doing a weekly series it doesn't look so promising. That's not the only thing I'm worried about somehow I know that DC's gonna run out of writers and artists for this series and we're gonna be getting a bunch of fill ins who haven't gotten work in years. But now that I'm done talking about the bad I gotta mention the good. I personally got this series because two of my favorite characters would be key players, Steel and Booster Gold, and I wanna see what will happen to them. Well that's all till next time.


Hey I'm gonna start writing again!

So I promise I will start writing again but for now I need thios as a way to transport URLS between here and school.


Dvds I wanna see

Ok Batman Beyond one of my favorite cartoons is coming to DVD (:D) but I want more old cartoons that have yet to be DVDized so here's a list for those people making the box sets:

Big Guy and Rusty (1999) Awsome show that was made by Frank Millar! Simply genius.

Godzilla the Series (1998) Yeah the movie blew but this was an awsome show! A few DVDs and VHS came out but I want a box set!

Xyber 9 New Dawn (1999) Great sci-fi toon with a rich story.

Spider-man Unlimited (1999) Ok I wasn't a big fan of the original series but this one however was awsome, my "sources" tell me that only 5 episodes were ever shown but there was 13 made sounds like a box set in waiting.

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (1998) I remember loving this show but I never got home early enough to watch it and I know there's alot of fans out there.

Birds of Prey (2002) This lasted 1 season! How can they NOT put it out?

And maybe if you have some extra time:

Avengers(1999), The Magician(1999), Knights of Tir Na Nog(1998)


Titans Cancelled

Yes it's official Teen Titans is not scheduled for a sixth season, therefore this will indeed be the last. There will be a movie, however, in the near future. The only thing I'm kinda disapointed about is the fact that they did not reveal who Red X is. I still stick with my guess of Jason Todd (even though that would mess with the continuity, but DC doesn't care). I hope they bring this character into the comics.


Comic Parodys

A couple of my friends showed me these sights and I can't stop looking at them, they're frikkin hillarious you owe it to yourself to check them out! http://www.starterupsteve.com/flash/html/xmen.shtml http://www2.b3ta.com/spidermanwillmakeyougay/


Supperhero Song Refrences

Yes I know I never post anymore. I just don't have anything interesting to say. Today (along with help from the Dreamchilde Forum) I was able to compile a list of super-hero refrences in songs:
Iron Man by Black Sabbath (Iron Man genius)
I am the Law by Anthrax(Judge Dred)
Pocket Full of Kryptonite by Spin (Superman)
Superman by Eminen (Superman)
Superman by Faive for Fighting (think about it)
Sunset Superman by Dio (Supes again)
Most Songs by Ookla the Mok (too many)


Final Fantasy VII NIne Inch Nails Video

Ok this video freaking rocks! It's FFVII Advent Children clips with Terrible Lie by N.I.N. everyone deserves it to themself to check it out.
Click to see Video


Natune and me

So I have a report on the planet Neptune for computer. And we need a animated gif so instead of finding one like all the other people, I decided to show them up and make my own so here =P

It's been ages

Ji everyone it's been ages since I last talked to you but nothing really interesting has happened. Now something has, first off I have a new micros site (yes another one) but this one is nicer, better, and allows more freedom, but it takes awhile to load each page, the URL is http://www.piczo.com/hells-domain. Second a friend of mine showed me this cool superhero name generator, it's pretty cool so go check it out. http://home.hiwaay.net/~lkseitz/comics/herogen/


So true :'( Posted by Picasa


Hurricane Katrina

This is the one time I am completely serious. Hurricane Katrina was a diasaster that shouldn't have happened but everyone who reads this should do what they can to help the people that were hit, but while I was oline I found this buddy icon and it's the one I use now. http://www.iconator.com/icon.php?IconID=370699

!mpact Comics

I was on the lilguyz yahoo sit and was looking at the "micros we wanna see" page and saw a few that I hadn't heard of from a company I never heard of so I checked them out. The characters were cool so I did tthe micros and here they are.

PS. If anyone has a good website about this company slip me the link would ya.



Here's a micro I did of myself getting angry.


Myspace (along with the rest of the worlds)

I did it I finally made on the URL is www.myspace.com/hellstormest


Free (Legal) Music

No this is no joke after getting those free Nural downloads I explored the site a bit more and found that they have 100+ underground bands WITH free MP3 downloads! I sugest you go check it out at www.purevolume.com



Hmmmm should I talk about music? I guess. For those of you that don't actually know ME (ya you) I'm mostly an underground person. My top three bands are Kasabian, The Bravery, and Unwritten Law. I recently saw a band called Nural on AOTS turns out they have some great music and they're even letting you download their song "Tension" for free the site is http://purevolume.com/nural and there are no "extra stuff". I'd recommend checking them out.

PS. They need places to crah on their tour. They'll treat you to a free lunch or dinner.

What if Joker hadn't killed Jason

I decided to make up my own story of what would've happen if Jason Todd hadn't died and this is it in a nutshell.

After saving his mother from the Joker, Batman managed to save Jason in the knick of time but he was not happy with him at all. He banned Jason from the cave and told him he was no longer aloud to fight crime. Jason couldn't take it so he ran away to Metropolis where he met Superman. He decided he couldn't take not helping anyone anymore and decided to take up a guise as one of Superman sidekicks, Flamebird. After seeing Flamebird for the first time Superman decided to ket him tag along. Years passed and eventually Jason decided to go back to Batman, he wasn't greeted with open arms but with a rampaging Bane. Him, Nightwing, and Batman triple teamed him and managed to get him back in Arkham. After this Batman decided is was time Jason came back and now they're known as the "Dark Knights".

I decided to give Jason blond hair because I rememebr seeing a picture with him with it and decided ti would look better. I figured since Batman never broke his back he would have more time to work on his costume so that's why it's hightech. I just plain wanted to give Knightwing a cape, and I decided to give them all Wolverine boots cause it fit very well.


PSP Smash!

This is un-frikken-believable I was on the PSP hacks site and found that they made a Smash Bros app for the PS are you kidding me! I got to play it and it's awsome. It's 2.5-D and a bit tricky to learn but is absoulutley awsome. Everyone with a v1.0 or v1.5 MUST download it. The site is http://www.psp-hacks.com/index.php?s=smash go there now.



I made a DK2 micro it's the Batboys. The only thing I don't like are the wings.


No more website

Ok now that I can post my micros in .gif I will no longer be putting micros (other then Sentinels) on the other site.


Yay I can post in .gif now w00t w00t. O)k so one day I was bored and decided to throw random clothes templates together and made that. I actually kinda like him and I call him RayIII.


Another Titans/Sentinel Amalagam it's Zephyr (Kid Flash/Phazer) he has Super Speed and can turn Intagible and Invisible at a certain level. Posted by Picasa

Sentinels Book 3 Theory

I have a theory towards what will happen in book 3. I think Gospel will come back and be Sin (Like) and Sin will be Gospel (Like), I think Flare, Stitch ('wink wink') and Agent Huggins will join the group, and I think there might be something happening between Phazer and Flare (jaw drops). Post a comments as to your oppinion with this theory.


I managed to get this post in before bed this is a Cyborg/Electron amalgam I call him Photon. He'll be on the site under Amalgams Posted by Picasa

I've got a website

Ok my new micros website is www.freewebs.com/the-sentinel-micros/

It's Firebomb from the front cover of book 3. What could this mean!!?? I'm working on a site to post my micros in .gif Posted by Picasa

Pedro a.k.a. Electron Posted by Picasa


Ok that's just damn cool. It's Sin in his Angelic form (book 2) Posted by Picasa

A big revisionation I chnaged a lot (Named left to right up yo down : Templar (new pants), Electron, Chrusher, Firebomb, Gospel (new skirt and hands coming out of her sleeves), Harlette (fixed fishnets), Sin, Phazer (better hair but still pretty bad), Splash, and Serpenta) Posted by Picasa

Hey it's Payen AKA Templar =) Posted by Picasa

It's Light Bringer. I really like him the only thing I don't like is the sun thing on the very top otherwise he's looking good.
 Posted by Picasa

No Comments

Why does no one post commemnts? Do you mnot know how, you just click on the little comments thing and say your anonymous. GAH!

Top 5 indie books

I only got into Indie books last year (2004) but since then I have gathered so many and so many good ones that I thought I'd give you guys my top 5

5) Squee


3) Buzzboy



Those are my top 5 go check some of them out.


I made an amalagam of Templar and Robin I call him Knight-Wing Posted by Picasa

I hate JPEG they make them all so ruff looking =/ Here's another Sentinel Sin I even gave him glowie hands. You wouldn't believe how hard dreads are. For bios on all these guys and a way to get the books go to www.sentinelsonline.com pick the books up they're REALLY good. Posted by Picasa

Here's another Sentinal Crushr Posted by Picasa


Technical difficulties....again

Grrrrr this will fix it.

This is Templar and Electron from the fabulous Sentinels books can't wait for #3 Posted by Picasa

CoH Virtual Cards

I came across these things through lilguyz and they are very cool hopefull I'll have one soon =D www.geocities.com/Theblue_canary/CoH/cards.html


This is my friends dog, Nova, she made me post the pic blame her. Posted by Picasa

Little Fighter 2.5......sucks!

I just started playing Little Fighter 2.5 because I loved LF2 but I got 5 mins into and realized they completely screwed this game up big time I mean for heavens sake Mario's a character! Avoid this game at all cost.

Little Fighter 2.5

Yay they made a mod for the awsome fighting game withg new characters, weapons, and backrounds. I would post more but I'm too busy playing go to http://www.nisnevich.com/pse/mycreations/little_fighters_25.htm and download it. Warning though it is a little buggy.


2nd Dreamcast?

Ok all both of you that view my blog probaly know that the Xbox360 is coming out THIS November. So when I first heard that I thought to myself "Isn't that the same thing that happened to the Dreamcast?"(coming out too soon even though it was the best system ever)
So even though I hate Xbox I really wish they would wait till a month before the PS3 comes to release the 360 or it could be the next Dreamcast. Gimme your comments on this.


Ok I don't shop for close online much but this shop I couldn't resist. These are the people responsible for the clothing on AOTS so it needs to be awsome and it is (My fave is the "Every time you download music God kills a kitten"shirt) the site is www.jinx.com and u should all be wise and check it out.......NOW!


Ok the very first Final Fantasy game I REALLY got into was FFVII (the best by anyone's standards) well now they're making a CGI movie and the first thing I wanted to know is "How does red XII look?" and well I think the image says enough.  Posted by Picasa


The Elf

Ok so I was going around on the interweb looking for some new wall paper and a came across this X-Fan site but it wasn't just an X-Men fan site it was a Nightcrawler fansite (the greatest X-Man ever) and I managed to find some cool Matrix X-Men wallpaper done by Alex Ross. The site is www.blue-elf.com .


Ok so I went to a Childhood collectable show over the weekend to pick up some comics and was hugely suprised when I found the elusive Ash comics (Event Comics). These books were praised back in their day and they are DEFIANATLY worth a second glance. I love their style of artwork (kinda cartoony but serious) and the story is amazing (I don't want to spoil it =P), but overall they're just well written they have some of the greatest creators of all time and the story comes together seemless. The only one problem is there's only 5 books in the first series (Ash 1-5) then there's volume 2 (Ash 6,0, Ash Fire Within) but I wasn't able to track some of those down. I managed to get these outta the $.50 box and was amazed at them because I've seen them going on eBay for 100s. So if you ever find them ANYWERE get them!!!!


More Free Games

Ok on my neverending hunt for free MMOs I stumbled across two more. One is a gun/melee fighting game with some RPG elements. The site for it is www.gunzonline.com but remmeber when you make a login (upper right ahnd corner of the screen) pay close attention to your password many people messed up and had to make another login. The game it self is addictively awsome but expect the losers that live in their mother's basements to kick your butt repeatively. The second is a knight game witch has awsome graphics we're talking store bought graphics. The site for the client is www.knightsonline.com . Overall from what I've seen both games have good graphics (Playstation 1 quality) and no viruses and overall they're FREE!


Little Fighter

I saw a free fighting game on AOTS and the best part is it has online play so you can pwn your buddies the site is www.littlefighter.com and if you want to play me contatc me at my AIM screenname Azrael the Death.


Firefly (space western)

Space western is probaly something you've never heard but dang it's a cool combo. The first "Space Western" I really got into was Outlaw Star (Anime) but when this thing ruled along I didn't even know it was one till I watched it. This show came out in '98 I believe but they're replaying the episodes because of it's movie Serenity and I was hooke don episode 1. This show is awsome and has one of the greatest theme songs.......ever! It goes a little like this -dims lights-

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me

Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me

There's no place I can be
Since I found Serenity
But you can't take the sky from me...

And you can listen to it at www.fireflywiki.org and watch the show every friday at 7 on SciFi


Gunslinger is an original hero I made. I should post his origin for you guys. Posted by Picasa

PS. Ya he is copyrighted =P


Here's the pic I used. =) Posted by Picasa

Hey look it's Learn! (I'm not joking that's her name) She's a Dark/Empath defender on the Protector server. Unfourunatley she's always changing her suit so this might not be accurate. =/ Posted by Picasa

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