2nd Dreamcast?

Ok all both of you that view my blog probaly know that the Xbox360 is coming out THIS November. So when I first heard that I thought to myself "Isn't that the same thing that happened to the Dreamcast?"(coming out too soon even though it was the best system ever)
So even though I hate Xbox I really wish they would wait till a month before the PS3 comes to release the 360 or it could be the next Dreamcast. Gimme your comments on this.


Ok I don't shop for close online much but this shop I couldn't resist. These are the people responsible for the clothing on AOTS so it needs to be awsome and it is (My fave is the "Every time you download music God kills a kitten"shirt) the site is www.jinx.com and u should all be wise and check it out.......NOW!

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