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In case some of you don't know there's this amazing writer named Robert Kirkman, and he writes some of the best comics I've ever read. Some of his titles include Invincible, The Walking Dead, Brit, The Irredeemable Ant-Man, and his new titles The Astounding Wolf-Man which I love. So far the titles pacing is amazing considering he's only 2 issues in and I feel like I know the main character. Unfourtunately a lot of his stuff goes unnoticed and canceled such as his Tech Jacket book. Right now Irredeemable Ant-Man is on the chopping block by Marvel, in a last fit of desperation they released a digest trade. People you have to buy this $10 for a funny book about a selfish hero, how can you not resist. If you like it add it to you pull and then go check out his other work. I'd recommend Wolf-Man since it just started. Issue 1 was given away during Free Comic Book Day and issue 2 came out the first week of July along with a Director's Cut of issue 1. If anyone's reading this: please for the love of god give this guy a chance and you'll see his genius.

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