The Elf

Ok so I was going around on the interweb looking for some new wall paper and a came across this X-Fan site but it wasn't just an X-Men fan site it was a Nightcrawler fansite (the greatest X-Man ever) and I managed to find some cool Matrix X-Men wallpaper done by Alex Ross. The site is www.blue-elf.com .


Ok so I went to a Childhood collectable show over the weekend to pick up some comics and was hugely suprised when I found the elusive Ash comics (Event Comics). These books were praised back in their day and they are DEFIANATLY worth a second glance. I love their style of artwork (kinda cartoony but serious) and the story is amazing (I don't want to spoil it =P), but overall they're just well written they have some of the greatest creators of all time and the story comes together seemless. The only one problem is there's only 5 books in the first series (Ash 1-5) then there's volume 2 (Ash 6,0, Ash Fire Within) but I wasn't able to track some of those down. I managed to get these outta the $.50 box and was amazed at them because I've seen them going on eBay for 100s. So if you ever find them ANYWERE get them!!!!

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