Pick Up Moon Knight!!!!

OK so some of you may know that recently Marvel started a new ongoing Moon Knight series, now I'm a big fan of Moon KNight in general so I went into this series a bit iffy because I didn't wanna see them completely forget what already happen to him and just use him as a Civil War tool. The first isue was amazing they kept everything to a key and Finch's art pulled it all together seemlessly (unless you countthe seems on MK's suit), the second issue is even better you start to see how far Marc has fallen and how much it will take for him to rise back up, but issue three is the true goldit shows this character starting to climb the ladder back to the top and the final pages where you finally see the heroic spirti that is Moon KNight is what really makes you wanna keep going. I say pick this series up so we don't see another great series like The Thing or Alpha Flught circle the drain.


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