What if Joker hadn't killed Jason

I decided to make up my own story of what would've happen if Jason Todd hadn't died and this is it in a nutshell.

After saving his mother from the Joker, Batman managed to save Jason in the knick of time but he was not happy with him at all. He banned Jason from the cave and told him he was no longer aloud to fight crime. Jason couldn't take it so he ran away to Metropolis where he met Superman. He decided he couldn't take not helping anyone anymore and decided to take up a guise as one of Superman sidekicks, Flamebird. After seeing Flamebird for the first time Superman decided to ket him tag along. Years passed and eventually Jason decided to go back to Batman, he wasn't greeted with open arms but with a rampaging Bane. Him, Nightwing, and Batman triple teamed him and managed to get him back in Arkham. After this Batman decided is was time Jason came back and now they're known as the "Dark Knights".

I decided to give Jason blond hair because I rememebr seeing a picture with him with it and decided ti would look better. I figured since Batman never broke his back he would have more time to work on his costume so that's why it's hightech. I just plain wanted to give Knightwing a cape, and I decided to give them all Wolverine boots cause it fit very well.


Blogger Alizaria Terra said...

I don't really mind Jason dying...although it's sad, but Timothy wouldn't be the newest Robin then...hehehe, Timothy's the best. Nightwing rocks too. But my all time favourite superhero is Kid Flash. I'm a member of a Comic Forum, loads of comic and superhero lovers got here to talk and discuss. My name there is Bart Allen, (Kid Flash/Impulse). Here's the link if you're interested:

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